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Weekly Bulletin

Greetings Proud Panthers,
Please review Panther 106 below and read the entire Weekly Bulletin for information, upcoming events, and reminders.
Monday, 4/15 - Friday, 4/19: Required School Days. Attendance Matters. Every Day Counts.
April Attendance Tracker attached and be an Attendance HERO (Here Every Day, Ready, On-Time).
LAUSD Board District 7 Student Advisory Council application attached for students interested in school advocacy.
Meet Ed, an educational friend designed to help students.
Sharing Brings Hope LAUSD Consolidated Charitable Campaign
Better FAFSA / CADAA open for students to apply for financial aid now for Fall 2024 on StudentAid.gov.
Telehealth services now available at Gardena High School. Click here for more information and get a parent consent signed today.
Virtual Tutoring for students now available. See the Home-Based Tutoring Steps to Sign-Up English / Spanish flyer attached.
Your Mental Health is Important. You're not alone. Talk to us. See the English / Spanish flyer attached.
Student Success Card App is your gateway to resources offered by the Los Angeles Public Library with access to over 200 databases, free online tutoring, homework help, music and movies, magazines, test prep, and a language-learning platform—all in one place!
Newsletter for Students with valuable information on graduation, college access, careers, and more.
Scholarships to look out for.

Free One-to-One Tutoring, 24/7, through Schoology. See How It Works.
Attendance Matters! Every Day Counts!
Students on-time to school and on-time to class, earning an average grade of C or better, and satisfactory to excellent cooperation will remain eligible for activities and athletics. In addition, a grade of C or better in all classes allows you to be eligible to apply for a California State or University College. Attendance Matters! Every Day Counts!
LAUSD 2022-26 Strategic Plan: Ready for the World!
Los Angeles Unified will focus on a singular goal: ensure ALL our students graduate READY FOR THE WORLD – to thrive in college, career, and life.
Masking indoors is strongly recommended. Only those who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or who have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive, will be required to test. Please contact Family Help Desk at 213-443-1300, Monday-Friday, 6:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Register for the Parent Portal to monitor student attendance, grades, and update emergency information. Visit the school website gardenashs.org regularly for upcoming events, recent news, acknowledgements, and information and follow @GardenaHighSchool on Instagram. New to Gardena? Click here. Visitor? Click Campus Access & Visitor Policies.