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Welcome to GBM! 

Gardena’s Global Business Magnet 

At GBM we collaborate with educators, parents, and businesses, to prepare students academically, professionally, and socially for college and career. We value global citizenship and lifelong learning by providing rich, diverse, and differentiated learning experiences and opportunities. 

The GBM Advantage!

We are looking for students who are future-oriented and ready to lead. Our program offers:

  • Rigorous Academics
  • Career Preparedness
  • Industry Connections
  • Innovative Entrepreneurship 
  • Social-Emotional Learning

Rigorous Academics

Our team of experienced Academic and Career Technical Teachers work together to provide students with an engaging and rigorous project-based learning experience. Our students are future-ready graduates prepared for college and careers.

Career Preparedness

We integrate Career Preparedness, Professional Communications, and Personal Financial Management certificates to help develop centered and well-rounded adults. Students participate in building an academic and professional portfolio that showcases their practical and soft skills.

Industry Connections

Connecting our students to industry now helps to build their confidence and adaptability for a changing world. They gain experience engaging with professionals through job shadowing, industry coaching, mentorship, and guest speakers.

Innovative Entrepreneurship 

At the core of our program is an innovative entrepreneurial mindset. Our students emerge from our program with the knowledge of practical and soft skills to start their own businesses. 

Social-Emotional Learning

Our school is a community and we care for each student as an individual. Our caring staff and support staff and programs are designed to ensure that our students are seen, heard, and are developing in a healthy, caring environment.

Kali Harrington-Playter

Lead CTE Teacher

[email protected]