Goal & Approach, Vision, Mission, SLOs, & Motto

Everything we do will be in the interest of students by maintaining personally relevant and engaging high school experiences.
Gardena High School will ensure equity for all students and continue "Breaking Ground for the Future."
"Breaking Ground for the Future"
School Learner Outcomes
Self-Advocate, Open-Minded & Ethical, Adaptable, Effective Communicator Benchmark Goals outline what our students will be able to do and Performance Evidence outlines how our students will demonstrate progress of the skills below.
Be resilient in achieving short- and long-term goals and deadlines
Make appropriate use of personal, community, and professional resources
Exhibit knowledge and skills essential for success in a career pathway
Apply critical and creative thinking from a variety of disciplines
Employ a reflective, flexible, and growth mindset toward challenges
Welcome and apply constructive feedback for improvement
Understand the perspectives and cultures of others
Be critical consumers of information
Act in a productive manner to advance personal ethics and beliefs
Use multiple mediums or languages effectively
Collaborate productively to achieve shared goals
Engage in purposeful interactions