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GBM Pathway & Course Sequence

GBM students may choose between two Career Technical Education (CTE) Sectors and Pathways with the following course sequences:

1. Sector: Marketing, Sales and Service

     a. Pathway: Entrepreneurship

          i. Empowering Financial Decisions AB 10th Grade a-g (g)

          ii. Business Economics: Entrepreneurship AB 11th Grade a-g (g)

          iii. Virtual Enterprise AB 12th Grade a-g (g) 

Have you ever thought about starting and running your own business? Becoming an entrepreneur is an opportunity to own your future while doing what you love. Entrepreneurs are the innovative creators of businesses across all industries. Our society is shifting to a passion-driven economy and our Entrepreneurship pathway is helping to prepare the next generation of independent business owners.

2. Sector: Business and Finance

     a. Pathway: Financial Services

          i. Finance/: Planning (one semester) 10th Grade

          ii. Finance/2: Investments (one semester) 10th Grade

          iii. Financial Management & Assessment AB 11th Grade

          iv. Accounting AB 12th Grade

The financial services industry is multifaceted, offering a variety of positions that cater to different skills and interests, along with sub-industries that encompass niche opportunities. Studying the possibilities in financial services will help you to land the job that is most compatible with your interests and skills.