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Gardena High Schools Creative Arts Academy, was created through Career Technical Education.  The Academy consists of two major and two minor Pathways. We offer Graphic Design, Video Production, Dance and Music respectively.


CAA intends to make real strides in achievement by engaging students in subject matter that connects with their interests; hence, attendance and graduation rates increase to reflect a sense of personal involvement and school commitment. Our program is vital and unique, enriching student lives and allowing them to flourish through a network of courses, teachers, and administrators who will become the student’s academic family during their, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years. Teachers will share the same students allowing for collaboration, culminating performance tasks, and thematic semester project-based learning assignments linking subject areas, providing a sense of community and personalization for all students.


Teachers in the Creative Arts Academy will be provided with common planning time to develop cross-curricular units of study, to collaborate with staff members, and to develop the unique attributes of their communities. With the foundation of the Humanitas learning model and determination of those dedicated to a community spirit, CAA will create an environment that is welcoming, nurturing, and fulfilling.

As an Academy, CAA provides greater personalization, improved instruction, and a strong focus on academics as well as an equal emphasis on relationships. Furthermore, we encourage stronger adult-adult, student-student, and adult-student relationships with the vision of closing the achievement gap of all students, and CAA will provide an advisory period for students. Research has shown that an effective high school advisory program improves personalization on campus, allows each student to create a close bond with at least one adult on campus, and esteems highly effective in school reform.

Do What You Love, Love What you Do !