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Step into the role of game competition.
Become Tomorrow's Game Player Today.
Our school is a fitting place for Esports to emerge given our success with other initiatives. The program, built around our pillars of Academic Excellence and Joy and Wellness is a result of bold thinking and collaboration among students and school and District personnel. GHS continues "Breaking Ground for the Future" and will now connect the passion for learning with Esports.
In the fall of 2022, student interest and in alignment with our motto, "Breaking Ground for the Future," we explored the idea of starting an Esports program. In 2023 we purchased the hardware to support the Esports program and beginning in late Spring 2024, with the support of teachers P. Bell and M. Espat, Esports at GHS will open its doors.
Only one (1) Esports class will open in late Spring 2024 and we expect a lot of interest. Therefore, the admittance requirements will be highly competitive.
1. Open to Class of 2024 or 2025 Only
2. On-Track to Graduate A-G 'C' or Better (No D or Fail in any previous or current class)
3. No U's in Current Year
4. Academic Counselor and Esports Instructor Final Decision
We expect more classes to open in fall 2024.