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Calendar Committee

Lead: Ms. Kim

Objective: Develop a system that fosters clear communication of school events.


Professional Development Committee

Lead: Ms. Muniz & Ms. Ramirez

Objective: 1) Create Professional Development Plan for Spring semester. 2)Highlight effective instructional practices at GHS.


Discipline Committee

Lead: Ms. Andrade & Mr. DiLeva

Objective: 1) Address operations of current discipline policy, staff issues with students conduct. 2) Provide possible solutions to systemic issues affecting classroom management and student behavior.


Technology  Committee

Lead: Ms. Butler & Mr. Calcanas

Objective: 1) Create Professional Development opportunities to support Technology Project. 2) Develop a system of distribute student laptops in a timely manner. 3) Identify needs of new technology and equipment.


School Vision Committee

Lead: Mr. Endow & Ms. Usher

Objective: 1) Develop a shared vision for GHS with all stakeholders at GHS. 2)Understand the purpose and why we need a shared vision with all stakeholders and the elements of an effective shared vision statement.